Hello and welcome, 
my name is

John Thompson

I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist

I provide psychotherapy in Archway and Finsbury Park, North London, 

Why therapy?

People come to therapy for different reasons and these may include:

  • difficulties in relationships with partners, family, friends or colleagues
  • anxiety, stress.
  • difficulties with feelings such as anger, jealousy, stress, and worry.
  • depression, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness, a lack of meaning in life
  • coping with loss and bereavement.
  • issues with intimacy or finding a partner.
  • problems related to marriages, families and parenting.
  • a lack of confidence or self-esteem.
  • problems related to sexuality and/or identity.
  • destructive behaviours.
  • addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography etc)
  • obsessive thought patterns or behaviours.
  • eating disorders.
  • sexual abuse.
  • abusive or oppressive relationships.
  • bullying and discrimination.
  • problems experienced by LGBT+ such as the impact of discrimination.
  • traumatic experience.

Is therapy for you?

You may not be sure why you are thinking about therapy but may feel that something is not quite right in your life.

Or perhaps you are clearer about what is troubling you. People come to therapy for various reasons. You may be having difficulties with your relationships with friends, family or colleagues. You may be feeling stuck, lost, confused, anxious or overwhelmed. You may be feeling frustrated, angry or depressed. Perhaps you are coping with a loss or bereavement. You might be having problems related to addictive or obsessive behaviours. Perhaps you feel uncertain about your identity, sexuality or sense of self. You may have experienced a shocking or traumatic experience which continues to cause you difficulties.

Some of these difficulties are likely to be manifestations of unconscious and unhelpful ways of relating – to yourself, to your emotions and to others – which have been learnt early on in life and which can be brought to light within the therapeutic relationship. Psychotherapy can also be effective in working though traumatic events which have been difficult move beyond. Therapy can also help with incomplete grieving processes.

Talking to a psychotherapist for the first time can be a highly emotional and life changing experience for many people. You may begin to talk about matters which have troubled you for many years and a psychotherapist can help and support you through this process. It may also be that you are unclear as to what is troubling you, and in this case, speaking to a psychotherapist might help you to think things through.

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